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Safe Cleaner Plus TM

Average user rating 4.1 67TH ratings

Safe Cleaner is the Top cleaning utility on Google Play. The app uses innovative algorithms to clean all background processes and free up more RAM. It can boost your phone by up to 75%

  • 20M installs across Google Play
  • 4M monthly active users (MAU)
  • 800TH daily active users (DAU)
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Save and Clean Group is an IT business founded in 2019 that develops and promotes mobile games for iOS and Android devices

The company’s office is located in Belarus. The RD center is also based in Minsk, Belarus and has 10 employees working on Save and Clean projects. One of the first products — Safe Cleaner was able to reopen a niche of clearing utility apps and become a leading product on the market in its genre.

We create a lot of internal tools and build a company culture in a way that allows us to remain a small team being at the forefront of expertise and able to create market-leading products. One of our competitive advantages is a developed business intelligence software that may be used to predict economic metrics of a product and automates a large amount of work.

20 million installs across Google Play and App Store
4 million monthly active users
0.8 million daily active users

Currently, Clean and Save Group is developing new android utilities aimed at high retention and user engagement

We look forward to collaborating!